10 Signs To Identify Fake Pastors

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10 Signs To Identify Fake Pastors

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 15, 2015 6:54 am

1. Above all every believer needs to know that his or her situation no matter
what it may be, God know about it. We must accept that every prayer God did
not answer we should let it be. While with thanksgiving make your petition
known to Him. Remember you are beloved of God.
2. lf a pastor only advertise goodness of God without teaching His severity. He
is one those you should beware of, regardless of his status and anointing.
3. Please observe when a pastor teaches sound messages full of facts but
lack truth needed for you to make heaven.
4. Whenever a pastor teaches you to ignore revelations and leading of the Holy
Spirit 'Rhema' rather he uses bible verses 'Logo' to guide you when you are at
a crossroad to make important choices and decisions. There is a big difference
between to guide and to lead. Right there, you should know it is only those
who are led by Holy Spirit are sons of God...Rom 8:14. The devil knows bible
more than all of us combine. The only way you can outsmart him is by the
leading of Holy Spirit. Holier than thou pastors will point to the bible forgetting
that what was written was once heard indirectly deny existability of God to
speak thereby reject warnings of Holy Spirit. Consequently expose their
members to avoidable tragedy.
5. A pastor who does not want to offend his congregation by telling them
what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear is FAKE. He has no
fear of God in him and without the fear of God a pastor can't be genuine. Such
minister strives and prospers on their sins ways, careless of their wellbeing
and eternal end..Hosea 4:8.
6. Many pastors grossly abuses the sole purpose of tithes which is to ensure
there is food in the house of God..Malachi 3:10. They careless about the
welfare of their flocks, for God sake this money is meant to take care of the
poor ones in our mist. But they use the tithes to build their empire called big
[auditorium] church and branches everywhere with unbaked pastors to
shepherd innocent souls. They indulge and live expensive lifestyles at the
expense of their members. They are supposed to distribute this money to less
privileged members as deemed fit..Act 3:32. They may use other offerings for
any purpose but not the tithes. lf your pastor does not follow this biblical
instruction you need to run.
7. Any pastor who lay hand on his members' heads indiscriminately must not
be taken as genuine..1Tim 5:22. He knows his gimmicks is to dedicate
unsuspecting innocent members of his church to Satan and to put invisible
mark of the beast on them. lf he encourages meals to be served after church
services unknown to gullible members who do not know it is an initiation
process. You don't have to believe me just continue to submit your head
which is the symbol of your destiny to every jack and Harry pastors and eat
food sacrifice to demons. A word is enough for the wise. lf the pastor teaches
his members to faith what they need to avoid and run for their dear life. He is
surely a fake pastor.
8. lf you belong to a church where your pastor boast too much or draw undue
attention to himself in his sermons, take note. Observe his character and
speeches carefully outside the pulpit if he does not bear the fruit of Holy
Spirit..Gal 5:22. Many preaches what they don't do and also check out the
company of compatriot pastors he associated. Check him out again please,
we're talking about your soul and eternity here. Your allegiance is to Christ
not to any man or church.
9. When a pastor always have much church programs than normal you should
know where his preferences are.
10. When a pastor is more concern about your financial status than your
spiritual growth, value and commitment to things of God. He is money pastor.
You are not important as the other guy who drops fat checks for tithes and
Just to name a few many other signs are numerous to mention.

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